Trichy Engineering College Profile


Our mission is to become one of the best Technical Institutions in the county, excellency in Engineering Management and related areas of  knowledge, with the best work culture and creativity, to produce world class Engineers.

We strive to create a knowledge-based society  through quality education that leads to productivity  and prosperity of the state and the nation at large.

We will mobilize and strengthen all our resources to prepare our students to be competent engineers who are confident in facing the competitive and complex situations of the  future.

To persuade and make the staff and students publish their research work in refereed journals  and strive to convert  them into patents.

Trichy Engineering College profile


Our vision is to impart high quality Technical Education and training for the students and to offer the best engineers to industry and society for successful placement and recognition. To introduce new and innovative methods of teaching, and  to mould the students for what they aspire.  To inspire  the students  to dream always to be at the top of the hill of technology and to help them achieve their goals.


To achieve national and international recognition for Trichy Engineering College by producing technocrats who are always the winners of the battle of brain by their versatility and sprit of innovations accentuated with originality and creativity for ever.

To produce globally competitive engineers with entrepreneurial skill imbued with high ethical standards and social responsibility.


Committed to communicate and corroborate the highest coefficients of the 4cs namely competence, confidence, commitment and compassion along with infusion in their minds to have a deep sense of morality and character that could contribute to the overall personal growth for the benefit of the society at large.

  • Updated 05/07/2020
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